Pawan Bangar, Technical Director, Birbals, India

Linux submit decreasing PC prices. The PCs bundle the operating-system. Linux as an open source operating system, means that the code that works is open for everybody to see, work with, change, and develop their own innovative apps for it. The deal with this experimentation is that you have to share the knowledge you gained and the software you created with the public site.

But this is nothing at all compared to the fortune people spend on OSs like home windows. And a company bundles Linux and applications based on it with some type of computer, quite a little of the software cost comes down. Linux came into being about 11 years ago- it was developed by Linux Tornados of Finland along with a band of programmers from the open source software movement. Linux was something only the geeks worked with mostly. And yes, it was mostly about commands and programming. But through the years with so many Linux enthusiasts (about 50 million of them) focusing on it and sharing knowledge about it, quite a few versions attended up that is as simple to use as windows.

And developers are still free to use the code and improve it. Continuously every year Linux is growing. With a separate community backing it, with big companies Like IBM and HP pledging their support for this, it’s no wonder Linux- the wonder operating system for servers of days gone by, has also made it to the desktops of today.

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Not in a sweeping way yet, however in ways that will help you -the user. PC prices are already on their way down. So you get more choice with os and applications. From being an OS only computer professionals about had heard, Linux, in a short time, has made a transition into the lucrative and visible home PC segment. Most of the decision to switch over sounds very economical.

From a measly foundation of a few thousand users, Linux boasts of close to 50 million users now, cracking the monolith of Microsoft’s monopoly. Companies like IBM, HP, and Dell have also taken to Linux in a big way. Microsoft doesn’t agree with the free concept at all-the software is free however the support isn’t Windows code to outsiders so they could build on to it.

Not really. A lot of people haven’t ever installed Windows on their computers either-since it comes preloaded. Linux is really as easy-some say easier-to install in comparison to Windows. You can set it up through a graphical interface like Windows. But what really stumps most people in setting up Linux on a second partition on the hard disk drive, when they would like to have the ability to use both os’s.