How Much Is A Pre-written Business Plan In Nigeria? 1

How Much Is A Pre-written Business Plan In Nigeria?

In this short article, I am attempting to answer this question – for any serious prospect ready to write a specialist standard business plan ready for his/her peculiar business needs. You can find low-quality business plans that are craftily and dishonestly packed as standard/professional business programs by people who obviously don’t know how to write any form of business record using standard business vocabulary and tone. There are many quacks masquerading as professional business plan authors and there are few professional business plan writers in Nigeria.

The quacks you can identify easily in 3 ways. The first way, which is an easy giveaway is with their poor command word of English. When you read their blog posts you can simply spot errors in their use of tenses, irrelevant ideas poor and explored analysis. Another way to recognize them is their insufficient originality.

Thirdly you can identify the quacks using their lack of field of expertise. You can certainly find these business plans online when you do a search on Google or sing. They are usually complete, and have standard formats to utilize but if you choose one of the business plans to be sure you edit it well and paraphrase properly especially if you want to show a bank or investor.

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Secondly adapt the business plan to the Nigerian environment and specifically to your own business but also make sure that you also tweak the business plan format to complement with your business opportunity and business plan needs. How much is a Pre-written Business Plan in Nigeria? Imagine if 100 people buy this type of business intends to submit for a business plan competition and many of them are in the same business.

That means there will be many similar business programs which will scuttle your chances of getting funded and this is even worse if you are dealing with banking institutions. When he composed it Subsequently, he wasn’t thinking about whether your business is positioned in Abuja, Lagos, Port, or Benin Harcourt. Business success sometimes depends on location and target markets differ and consumer behaviors in one region varies from another region. Thirdly, the business plan is outdated.

How much is a Custom written Business Plan in Nigeria? For this type of business plan there are many price options so that it is hard really to say it would set you back so and so amount. But is what you should know about the price here, it depends on the business plan writer, the kind of business, the expected delivery date of the business plan, and sometimes even the amount of capital you’re client is targeting. With the bank of industry, though many of their accredited SME consultants can charge you less than N20,000 to get ready a business plan but there are certainly others that don’t charge significantly less than N150,000.

But for small-size business owners looking for affordable business plans to buy in Nigeria this is my suggestion. If your allowance is between N20,000 to N50,000 and the business plan writer is not willing to negotiate his charge with you, try another business plan writer – but be cautious so you don’t patronize quacks. If your budget is above N50,000 first ask the business plan writer for his feeif he mentions it and it’s non-negotiable but within your budget then you are good to go.

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