How Doyou Erase Songs From Ipod

30 pin cable. It should show up in itunes under the device list, and from there you can control your ipod and add/remove songs/photos/videos/etc from it. If you reset your ipod can it erase all the songs? Resetting the iPod will erase all the tracks, so be sure you back it up! Is it possible to erase music from your iPod? You can erase songs from your ipod Yes.

If you have the iTunes software just go to your music go through the song or album once and press delete or backspace. Will connect to a fresh computer erase the tracks? Linking your ipod device to a fresh computer and hooking up to iTunes ought not to erase the tunes. Does sync to iPod erase songs?

How do you erase all the songs off your ipod device? You must log onto your iTunes account on your computer and delete all of the tunes there. You can’t do it on your iPod. How do you erase tunes from an iPod? Delete the melody in iTunes. Next time your iPod synchronizes itself the music shall be removed. How will you delete songs from the iPod touch? Normally you can’t delete songs straight from your ipod touch, you should remove it from your Itunes library sync with the Ipod touch then, it ought to be removed when the sync is finished. How do you download music onto an iPod without erasing other music?

Adding additional tunes will not erase the tunes you currently have. Can you remove your ipod touch with an electromagnet? What now? When your ipod will not load any more songs about it even though you only have a few songs plus itunes cannot see it? Maybe looking to erase few of your least favorite songs would help.

That way you will see more room on your ipod device, and it’ll enable you to download more songs. How do you erase pictures on an iPod? To remove pictures from an ipod touch all you have to do I’d remove them from the listing on the computer that you uploaded these to your iPod and they’ll be erased from the iPod at next sync.

How do you add music to your iTunes from an ipod that is synced to another iTunes? No, you can not; for connecting your iPod to another iTunes, you have to put in their security password and connect your iPod to their iTunes. When you do this, it’ll ask if you want to “sync and remove” or “cancel”.

If you click on “Sync and remove” then everyone music will be gone and you will have their tracks because you can not fuse two accounts. How will you remove everything on your iPod touch? How will you copy tracks from a CD and from itunes onto an ipod if you already have songs onto it and don’t want to remove them? Someone help you have a 4gb ipod device name and unintentionally hit display screen lock the only problem is that you can’t remember the combo to unlock it please to offer you multiple solutions?

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Connect your iPod to the computer it was linked to the first time and make an effort to regain it. If that doesn’t work, go to My Computer on your computer, select your ipod then. Right click on your ipod icon and select format. Formating your ipod device through your personal computer shall erase everything, but it’ll effectively uncover it.

How do you erase music from a vintage iPod? By hooking up the iPod to some type of computer, the tracks can be removed via iTunes. However, if an individual wants to wipe the iPod, it should be connected to a computer. An individual should then right click on the iPod in My Computer (if using Windows) and choose “format”.