What Is Physically Attractive? 1

What Is Physically Attractive?

What attracts us physically is truly a pretty subjective quality in a guy or a woman. Scientific studies on the subject of physical appeal between women and men suggest a few basic reasons for having humanity’s preferences. First, that men are more concerned with physically attractive woman mates than women are with the physical elegance of men.

Scientists suspect that this is from the dependence on men to recognize a fertile mate. Biologically speaking, we believe that women choose a different kind of man at differing times in her cycle. We realize that human beings measure beauty by cosmetic symmetry. Therefore the most symmetrical people will be the most beautiful also. Finally we can say that women tend to prefer men who have a trim waist, broad shoulders, decent muscularity, and are slightly taller. Even these basics cannot be relied on in all cases, however. If you’re concerned about making yourself appealing to women literally, it is important to concentrate on upkeep and grooming.

Short of cosmetic surgery you are unable to change your facial features and even if you could, you might not have any real way to predict success. Focus on choosing and maintaining a particular appearance Instead. This can be anything from buttoned down businessman to tee shirts and leather as long as it certainly makes you happy and comfortable while looking good. You should also take time for basic physical upkeep as women will generally want you to appear clean and healthy. It seems basic, but your physical attractiveness is actually just window dressing anyways. Most women are a lot more concerned with what is inside the package.

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Make up has been a staple of upscale department stores and expensive boutiques from the very start of the retail business. Even in the first times, make up products experienced their own departments. Salesgirls were hired who exhibited a fresh, sparkling appearance. They would get women by the hands, lead them to the sales counter-top, apply a bit of this, a dab of this and a puff of another thing free of charge and then make the sale. Early products were marketed in the usual manner – because of their value in enhancing your appearance and their price.

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The first constitute celebrities in the pre-infomercial period weren’t the stars that women were looking to emulate however the mind of the Hollywood constitute departments who made the celebrities look so gorgeous. So the likes of Max Factor make up get good at to countless feminine superstars (and men too, by the way) and the most successful type of constitute products were blessed.

Later on the superstars themselves, sensing an enormous cash come back for the use of their face, put themselves on various lines of make up products available to get. When their looks faded, when their careers ceased humming along, the make up products vanished as well. And then came infomercials. Suddenly there were ways to get women interested in buying make up products over their TV sets and was it ever successful!

Sensing right from the outset that the merchandise needed to be celebrity driven, manufacturers came up with a way to market their products to women all over the world via it set. Faded and fading stars from the music business, the movie business and TV business jumped on the bandwagon to market make up and other beauty items to American women by the truckload. Here’s the hook that they used: the make up infomercial and the merchandise weren’t completely celebrity driven.