The importance of investment cannot be fully appreciated without firstly arriving to terms with what is investment. This post on the benefits of investment is a follow up on an early article that explains what an investment is within a simple everyday language which you can access by following a hyperlink above.

It is interesting to learn that many intellectuals occupying high positions in the federal government and open public offices do not have good understanding of the importance of investment. This probably would provide as a good description to the vicious cycle of various financial crises that have hit us. Yes, it is a favorite fact that people in the higher echelon of the society work carefully with experienced advisers, but, our overall economy is too important to be dealt with by people who experienced no routine knowledge of investment. I once attended a function where I was lucky to meet one of the politicians who carelessly made a declaration that uncovered his ignorance.

Here is exactly what he said “…why are people bothering themselves racking your brains on how to invest when they can just save… “. This declaration shows that he doesn’t have the right skill to sieve out good investment from a bad investment. This article is written to obviously identify the importance of investment in a modern society.

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  • COIF Charities Ethical Investment Fund
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I tried as much as I can to stay away from technical words that might become an obstacle in the process of conveying the message. I hope you will see this short article both interesting and useful. You will agree with me that people live in an unstable world where things quickly get stale and obsolete as soon as they stop being fully engaged.

Resource or possessions quickly deplete in value if they’re not activated. Through investment, the benefits talked about below can be easily realized. I can’t possibly imagine any improvement or achievement of anything if not for the positive impact of investment. Anyone who does not appreciate the need for investment is similar to someone who does not appreciate the need for accounting.

North Korea may be safeguarding itself from invasion by flaunting its nuclear capabilities or it might be hoping for a cash windfall like what befell Iran. North Korea is using to bully its way into receiving concessions from others and may be hedging its wager that, as in the past, aggression will be met with appeasement. President Trump, however, is not just a career politician and has spoken out against the appeasement of past U.S.