Brutally Honest Beauty

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by iHerb. All views, nevertheless, are my own. I hadn’t ever ordered from iHerb before, though I’d heard of it. They’re an online store based in California that has some specific things that arranged them aside: for one, they operate internationally (i.e. not US only like so a great many other retailers I write about here). In addition they offer what they call a Triple Guarantee to make sure customers are 100% satisfied.

Second is the product quality guarantee. They ensure that the products they sell are authentic; they’re focused on quality assurance; plus they deliver straight from climate-controlled warehouses. And the 3rd part is the delivery guarantee, without excuses! Your order will be delivered, and iHerb offers free or discounted shipping and delivery to over 150 countries.

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  • Bob Parsons
  • C9-15 Fluoroalcohol Phosphate
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Personally, The website was found by me easy to use, and my order arrived in simply a few days, with everything loaded nicely and in perfect condition. Herb sent me their entire Azelique line for free, which was a complete lot of fun for me as an aspiring hoarder. You will find six different products: a night cream, a day lotion, an optical eye treatment, a cleanser, an activated charcoal/clay mask, and a polish/scrub.

They also let me choose two products using their facial oils and serums, and I picked the hyaluronic acid serum (shock, surprise), and the peptide oil blend. So . . . ’s a lot of stuff to test on my one face in a short period of time just. I’d been wanting a richer moisturizer for a while, so I picked the Azelique Age Refining Night Cream as the thing to include fully into my routine (which is otherwise basically the same as what I described here). Since the products contain azelaic acid, I did, however, stop using my other azelaic acid product for the right moment.

First some general thoughts about the complete line. The packaging is no nonsense, but appropriate for the products it includes. There was just one single bundle I didn’t like much, and you can probably guess which one from looking at the picture above-more on that later just. I like the airless pumps for the moisturizers particularly.

The copy on the packaging also gets my elusive stamp of approval. You are told by it what’s in the product, highlights the presented substances and what they are supposed to do for your skin layer, and-this is important-does not make any unrealistic, overblown, or woo-woo claims. There’s also a warning about patch assessment products with azelaic and glycolic acid to ensure it doesn’t aggravate the skin.

So just because this is a collection that is advertised as natural, there’s no drivel about how exactly that supposedly means it will work for absolutely everyone with perfect, marvelous gentleness (like various other brands that will remain nameless). These are substances that do stuff to your skin layer, and you will need to make sure they will do the stuff that you want these to do and not do stuff you don’t want. Everyone’s skin is just a little different.