Citations+ (Add-on For LSPDFR+ & Computer+)

Do additionally you find it annoying that different mods have different available citations and charges for them? There’re also several new citations and charges available with existing ballots at heart. The citations and charges have been checked whenever you can with the Californian law. This includes the costs and points.

Check out the video below to observe how this will effect your projects as a police officer. If you want more citations or charges or if you find another mod that may be included, then please leave a comment below. Q to provide a citation. Parking citations are completely redone. New citations are according to Californian traffic laws.

  1. Download CONTACT PAGE 7 plugin (go to Plugins > Add New > Browse > Seek out Contact Form 7)
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  4. Follow-through (viewing a task to the end)
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I was waiting for this for weeks! That is great. Many thanks! It provides new charges and citations. I am hoping you’ll execute a thing like this also basing off Texas and Florida vehicle code laws. It adds new charges and citations. I’ll happily use their API when it is available.

The reason why 3 tickets popped up was because you pressed finish off 3 times. I am not necessarily sure what that mod will. This mod has citations and charges predicated on Californian law and tries to cover everything you can think of this is practical to charge someone with or fine someone for. If another popular plugin needs unification, I will also add support for those.

So basically you may expect two main features: realistic citations and charges based on Californian laws and unification of these citations and costs for the plugins that are backed. Are you sure that in California things like driving without license/registration/insurance don’t lead the police to tow your car? I believe something doesn’t accumulate. I see a very important missing citation!

I’m so pleased to start to see the amount of stuff listed. Although I had been slightly surprised once I wasn’t able to find a citation for open up container. Yielding about a 500 buck fine in most states. Personally I think this is vital when searching a car and arriving upon empty containers. Thank you for all the hard work like to see more updates from you! Think before you post. Poisonous behavior shall not be tolerated. Constructive, toxic, or unnecessarily sarcastic comments will be removed and warnings issued.