The Connection Between Uric Acid And Joint Pain

But when the body produces a lot uric acid or the kidneys don’t eradicate sufficient of it, severe joint circumstances may consequence. An individual’s life-style additionally contributes to the amount of uric acid construct-up within the body. However, low-carbohydrate diets with high uric acid ought to be avoided because carbohydrates assist the body burn its own fats, and substances referred to as ketones form when the carbohydrate intake isn’t adequate. These substances can enhance uric acid ranges within the blood even throughout durations of weight loss.

When uric acid shouldn’t be correctly excreted from the physique, it is deposited as needle-like crystals within the joints and soft tissues.1,3 This causes inflammation, swelling, stiffness, ache, and heat within the joints. Gout is an extremely painful joint condition that’s attributable to an excess of uric acid within the joints.6,eleven It’s an acute type of arthritis that often occurs in a single joint at a time.

For all varieties of arthritis pain, together with joint ache caused by uric acid construct-up, try JointFlex to keep moving all day long. This over-the-counter solution gives instant and lengthy-lasting relief for arthritis sufferers and athletes in each part of the body. 1. Uric acid – blood. 2. Frank, J. (2014 February 26). What are purines? 4. Uric Acid. American Association for Chemical Chemistry. 5. Arthritis and weight loss program. 6. Edwards, N. L. (2018 May). Gout. The Merck Manual.

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