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With the risk of North Korea always on their mind, defense spending shall continue to be a continuous burden and a drain on government coffers. Interestingly, South Korea has switched from giving rice to giving barley to North Korea, and there is an interesting logic to the. Rice can be stored, but barley cannot. Therefore, doing this is to push the North Koreans to spread the barley to its people, rather than store it to support the military services. There is a lot logic amidst the madness.

In as far as unification can be involved, it is most not on the credit cards under present circumstances definitely. One school of thought is that only if the North develops its economy and becomes more prosperous, will unification probability become more realistic. The thinking is that if the public people of the North starts to enjoy a life of prosperity, will it ever want to go to battle still? Therefore, the best wager is for the North to be influenced by China as the later becomes increasingly affluent.

Having experienced early winter in North Korea, I must attest that it is actually unbearable to be out in the open. Even with four layers of cloth on, headgear, glove, and scarf, I had been freezing cold still. With the temperature swings from 0 degrees Celsius on one day, and -10 another, the extremities are severe really. Let alone going to war under such drastic conditions.

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Not anybody can operate in such conditions. The North-South situation today is completely different from that of the Korean War, when South Korea had nothing but 50,000 troops then. The welfare system in Korea seems to be one that manages the aging populace. But authorities are shelling out for education is most likely low, consequently, the cost of education burden on the typical family is high. That explains why many Koreans choose to review overseas.

After all, if their studies at home is merely marginally cheaper than studying overseas, why not consider learning overseas and grab British or Mandarin? I’ve often heard that Koreans send their girls for complete plastic makeovers when they graduate from high school, which is not a fable evidently. In fact, it is apparently common coffeeshop talk among Korean girls to discuss the latest plastic surgery that they have done. They are so advanced in this respect that FaceShop even offers a wrinkle removal cream comprising Botox substance.

Wrinkle-free assured, for a given duration. Forget about painful Botox treatments on a six-monthly basis. Simply apply the cream whenever needed! It looks like there’s much worth considering from an investment viewpoint on beauty care companies in Korea. Day in Incheon-Seoul On our very first, we were greeted by snowfall.

What a wonderful experience! They should invite their Northern neighbors to go to Nami Island for a sojourn during winter. I’ve never watched “Winter Sonata”, that was filmed here. But, if you have been there, you’ll realize how beautiful it really is. Disclaimer: This isn’t a sales page. It is my own views and is not based on any financial merely, fundamental or technical analysis.

But the monthly premiums kept coming. Using their retirement savings almost gone, they could not afford to lease a flat and make payments on the RV. When the repo man arrived for the engine coach, they handed him the tips silently. As an eternity Good Sam Club member, I get all the RV magazines, and I read all the hype about the latest and greatest (and larger and larger) motorhomes, costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I alsoread, in the categorized section, the ads for used RVs, with notation “ILLNESS Forces Sale”. Frank and Shirley’s experience are not an anomaly, it is the norm.

We’ve seen, firsthand, in trailer parks, elderly people living in rundown motorhomes, too poor to move into aided living, their coaches no more worth anything to anyone, not having been run for a few months or years. We’ve also seen, firsthand, EMS rescue people have to break out the windows on such coaches to extract the occupants, who usually leave, feet first, in a body or gurney bag.