How To Start And OPERATE A Cricut Or Silhouette Business

How To Start Your Cricut or Silhouette Business? First, I have to stress this as I see it quite frequently with new owners of these wonderful machines who would like to start and they’re super excited and dive right in! The first thing you must do is take the time to get familiar with your machine and learn your machine as well as your capabilities with it. You will not become a dye reducing genius immediately!

Once you have discovered your machine and are effective with it and you also will be ready to take in to the next level it’s time to start your business, but how? First, prepare yourself to spend a lot of time learning new realms and researching and building your business. How successful would you like to be? If you want to have the ability to support your family anticipate to put in the work and commitment and realize realistically, it takes time to build a successful business and lots of hard work!

You’ll need to think about a name. Think long and hard because once you name your business, you shouldn’t change it out as it could cost you time and customers as you rename and rebrand everything. You may need a website or a store, both preferably! I’ve both a website and a store externally. You are able to create a website with a store, but as you’re setting up you are most likely limited on money and this may not be a plausible option. Sure, you can build a store on your website but as you improve with your products and customization the options become pricier.

I’ll go in to depth on websites and online stores later but I’ll say for the present time that I use Bluehost as a hosting company and WordPress as my website and builder. Through Bluehost I get unlimited email messages and unlimited domains also, I’ve two stores I run. As my store, I take advantage of Storenvy. It’s 100% free and doesn’t skim me each time I sell a product. There are always a ton of lessons that will teach you developing your website online and I’ll cause you to them (bookmark and follow, it’s coming soon).

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I have neglected my business cards at home. I inform them look me up on Facebook, I lose the customer because when they walk off they forget my business name and to look me through to Facebook. You can make your business cards by using your machine. That is what I did exactly! I purchased a package of cardstock from Michael’s and got busy with my Cricut!

You’ll need a business phone number. Once business gets hopping you should arranged normal hours of contact and treat it just like a real business. Think you can’t afford a business line? I am using it for a long time! Google Voice is a service by Google that is 100% free that you can get a phone number, receive calls, receive SMS texts only, and also have voicemail service all free!

You sync it with your mobile phone in a downloadable app and you may turn on your Google Voice telephone calls at 8 am and shut them off at 5 pm. This also continues your personal amount private and allow one to advertise carefree. You’ll need a business email. If you want a legit business and also you want to look professional you must play the part. Remember while i said I host my website through Bluehost above? You’ll need a Facebook Page for your business.