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What’s On My Porch

Have you ever transferred published images to fabric? There are several different methods. One quick & easy way is to use Citra Solv. Today, I’ll demonstrate how to transfer bee images (from my Bee Mini Books Printable on Etsy) to fabric and utilize them to make a place for your rubbish journal.

I began by printing my image using a toner-based printer. Ink doesn’t transfer. Unless you have a toner-based computer printer, you could try taking it to a printing device or library and copying your image. Some copiers are toner-based. It is important to print your image backwards so when you transfer, the indicated words & images can look correct.

You can use an image manipulation program for this (like Photoshop). Or, if you have Word, you can insert your image into Word, size it to fit the web page and then choose “Rotate/Flip Horizontal”. Next, cut your imprinted image as desired. Cut your fabric to size as well. If it needs to be ironed, do that NOW. Place image upside down on the fabric and tape into place.

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CAREFUL never to cover any of the image with the tape, or it won’t transfer. Pour a small amount of Citra Solv into your glass cup (very little!) and making use of your clean, apply the city solve to your taped-down image. The image shall show through the paper. Hold your image set up with your hand, and use the back of your spoon to rub the image.

This is how it will transfer to the fabric. You’ll need to push pretty hard. Also, USUALLY DO NOT MOVE the image or it shall not transfer beautifully. I like to work from the corner I’m holding with my hand all the way to the contrary edges. Also, don’t expect the image to transfer perfectly.

It can be quite blurry depending on the fabric and exactly how well it is moved. That your image is transferred Now, you might like to clean your fabric. Definitely wash your hands as Citra Solv can irritate them. Dry Once you can start cutting your images to use in assembling your project.

I prefer to fray my sides to give it more of a worn, vintage look. Next, I tore bits of dark brown paper & inked the edges using Tim Holtz Distress Ink and a makeup sponge. I also cut bits of cheesecloth and inked those. I glued my brown paper, cheesecloth, and printed bee images to a background as shown. You could sew these also. Last, I added more of my transferred bee images to the top & bottom of my insert. Thanks for visiting.

Dab on problem areas for a simple, finished look. 42.00. The color options are deep red, dark tan, deep fantastic, deep dark, tan, dark, tan, and reasonable tones. The company claims you only need a small amount to do the job. That is a favorite of makeup artists, so it must be a good product line.