STEPS TO MAKE Vintage Typewriter Key Jewelry DIY

Where do you get vintage typewriter keys? I bet you’ll happily fork over the fifty or sixty dollars on Ebay for a whole set of level back secrets. 20. I used to be thrilled, sure I had formed gotten a good deal. I couldn’t wait around to pop those tips off and resell them online.

I ordered a particular tool that looked like a wire whisk that was said to be for getting rid of typewriter secrets. That little manufactured in China tool was no match for the vintage typewriter. Those keys didn’t budge. I convinced my dad to remove them with his snips and to flatten the backs with his grinder. Plus we were only able to get one key out of four flattened enough to use in one of my jewelry designs. I now order my typewriter secrets on Ebay and let some other powerseller make a few bucks.

The time it saves is well worth it. Note: Browse the FULL description when buying typewriter keys online because it is easy to mistakenly presume the backs are smooth and discover later that they are not. Ask questions before buying. I purchased some very nice typewriter keys really. I like to make typewriter key lockets.

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These are extremely popular and certain letters journey out of my shop. You definitely need to keep carefully the following letters in stock: A, E, S, D, B and K are favorites. I came across the best lockets on Etsy that have a round bezel soldered to the front of a silver-colored locket. The lockets are not sterling silver but are really well-made and the perfect size for my typewriter secrets.

Check sizing to ensure your typewriter key will fit. I use a solid adhesive to glue the typewriter type in place. Let that dry overnight. The best glue is E-6000. It never lets me down. It is designed for glass and jewelry work. After the glue is dry, take your flat-nosed pliers and gently squeeze the bezel (part surrounding your key that will cup the main element in place) as flush as is possible to the typewriter key.

Can I make a ring like this? I’ve yet to discover a ring blank that is effective for this. Hobby Lobby band blanks are variable but cheap looking. Even the sterling silver adjustable music group is flimsier than what I like. I am searching for a solid music group with a empty top. You can glue your flat-backed typewriter key in to the bezel setting, close the sides remove against the main element with your flat-nosed jewelry pliers, glue that piece onto the band blank then.

Sterling gold can be easily manipulated with your bare hands. Therefore, if the band on your ring is not sturdy enough, the band will release itself while on your finger. A thicker band will stay in place as you move about. I favor vintage jewelry to modern because of how durable it is.

I’d prefer to find and old flexible ring blank. I purchased an awesome typewriter key ring with my first initial onto it from an designer on Etsy. It is adjustable but the band is durable enough to wear every day without shifting around. The ring blanks within my local jewelry shops just did not work because of this.

What about Making Bracelets with Typewriter Keys? I’ve seen loads of these on Ebay with arbitrary leftover words that look sweet. The important part about making these is to check the spacing between your pads for the keys. When I experienced a dichroic glass stage (bought those cabochons in every size and color) I came across some gold bracelet blank string on Ebay and ordered dozens, eager to make my masterpieces. The pads are established too close jointly for the bracelets I have in mind plus the silver appears too sparkly and new. Give me an old-fashioned look over modern every right time.

I recommend finding one on Etsy or Ebay created by a quality musician using good materials and using that for a template. The very best part about jewelry design is that no two masterpieces ever turn out a similar. Take your time to get your techniques down pat before you approach local retail shops.