Novel Synthetic Bone Graft In Running For National Innovation Award 1

Novel Synthetic Bone Graft In Running For National Innovation Award

The SIRAKOSS admittance is the introduction of a new Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute product called MaxSiTM. Bone grafts are used to repair or fuse bone defects or stress. MaxSiTM incorporates a distinctive chemical composition and physical properties. In specific combination, these have been proven to deliver clear benefits in bone fusion, correlating to early recovery for the patient, and cost benefits for healthcare funders. SIRAKOSS is contending in the Med Tech category to earn a bundle of support value an estimated £25,000, provided by sponsors Schwartz Communications, Strategem Intellectual Property Management, Cambridge Healthcare & Biotech, PHASTAR, Global Regulatory Services, and EDB Group.

The champion will get access to the full deal of advice and support on intellectual property and patenting, being attractive to investors, pR, and communications, business development tactics, statistics and audits, and negotiating the route to market. 3bn global backbone fusion market, with other applications apparent in trauma also, maxillofacial and dental surgery.

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Professor Iain Gibson said: “For such a new company, we are happy to have reached this stage in this national competition. The University of Aberdeen has been very supportive throughout the development of the technology, enabling us to reach a stage where we have the chance to translate academic research through to clinical use.

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