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This week I wish to talk about something that is a phenomenon which is caused by the introduction of social mass media and the culture surrounding social media. In class this week we read an article about how social media networks like Facebook, and Instagram have created for a more jealous nature in the world of social and passionate relationships among the current youth. With the way that interpersonal media works, people only post about the good things that happen in their lives really. What this does is it creates mass jealousy for individuals who aren’t having a great time in their lives when they see posts about how great their friends’ lives appear to be.

This can be an unintentional form of posting to generate jealousy, however social media posts may also be used to cause jealousy intentionally. People will post pictures to make their ex jealous or even to make their friends jealous so that they appear cool. Its behavior such as this that makes social press a semi-toxic environment because of how negatively it make a difference people and their relationships. Social media have caused because of this to be an element of the sneaker head culture as well.

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RAM acceleration is measured in Megahertz or MHz and ranges form 400 MHz to 1000 MHz or 1 GHz or more. When buying a RAM you should get the quickest RAM your computer motherboard can handle. You will find 2 types of RAM used in computers currently. The older types found in computers manufactured in the last 4 years is named DDR and the newer type which have been with us for last years is recognized as DDR2. The DDR2 can run at higher acceleration and for that reason higher bandwidths.

The hard drive is utilized to store all the information on some type of computer. All programs, operating system and files are stored on the computer hard drive. When selecting a difficult drive for your personal computer, you shall need to consider two basic features. They will be the hard drive capacity and the speed. The capacity is how big is the hard drive and is measured in GB (Gigabytes).

1GB is made up of 1000MB (Megabytes). When buying a difficult drive, try to get the largest hard drive size you are able. For computer nowadays it is strongly recommended that you have a difficult drive with 300GB of space so that you have sufficient space for your personal computer programs and data files such as audio and video documents.

The acceleration of the hard drive is determined by the rotation of the disk inside the hard drive and the quantity of memory cache contained in the drive. The rotation acceleration is assessed in RPM or rotation per minutes. The common hard drive spins between 5200 to 5400 RPM and faster hard drive spins between 7200 to 10,000 RPM.